You’re an Entrepreneur or a Small Business Owner. You’ve got a fantastic service or product but think to yourself, “How do I build enough value to my target market to have them take an action (whatever action that may be – buying a product, service, course, etc.)?”

Does this sound like your thought process? You are not alone! I’ve seen it time and time again. A great business, a great website, a good Social Media prescience – yet, nobody is taking action. Well, there is a way to change that, right now!

So, what’s my favourite way to get NEW clients or customers?! Are you ready for it?…..

An IRRESISTIBLE OFFER! This can be a free giveaway or a reduced price. I know, I know – You’re probably thinking “why the HECK would I give away something for FREE?!” or “Why would I de-value my product/service?”. The simple answer? To differentiate yourself from the competition. When people see a discount on a service they already wanted, it immediately helps to build more value in what you are selling. People LOVE discounts!

Whether you’re a Restaurant, a Yoga Studio, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Car Dealership, or a Jewelry store. You can ALWAYS create an irresistible offer. Yes, you may be discounting this INITIAL sale, but let’s think about the LTV (Long Term Value) of your client. If you give something away (or sell at a reduced price) initially, but that client continues to return to your business and purchase items/services at retail price, you are making more money then if they hadn’t come through the door, right? Right!

Here are a couple brief examples for Social Media:

  • Dentist:You do an INITIAL offer (low cost, low value). Then when they are in for 1st offer, book them in for a higher cost offer (filling, teeth pull, etc) and as they come in you book them in for another service. Of course, not EVERY client will continue to go up the ‘ladder’, but some WILL.
  • Restaurant:Initial offer is X% off a meal when showing coupon, etc. Wow them with your customer service (as you always do, right?!) and turn them into a long-term customer.
  • Car Dealership:Initial offer like a free tire rotation, free tire storage, etc. When they are in, upsell them to an oil change, transmission flush, brake job, etc.

I suggest doing an irresistible offer on Facebook via Advertising, but organically works depending on the size of your page and how your engagement is. Ensure you have a system or page in place to retain these leads so you can later market to them with a retargeting ad, email, phone call or whatever process you may have in place.

Remember – these offers will not work if you do not have systems and processes in place to WOW your new customers. Whether they return or not still depends on their experience of YOUR business. These irresistible offers help get them in the door – they are now a ‘warm lead’.

There you have it, an in-depth look at how irresistible offers can bring MORE customers through your doors through Social Media.

Get your creative genes going and go WOW your customers! Happy selling!