It’s me again! Just gonna bring some GOLD on Social Media ads. I know that you’ve thought of them. Probably said ‘Oh, that’s easy!’. Am I right? But – then you start going into the Ads Manager and creating your first campaign and start seeing stuff like ‘ad set’ and ‘split test’ and get confused? I get it. I’ve been there, too. We all have. Let me share some tips that I hope will help you when you think about running paid advertisements!

Like all great masterpieces, there’s always a recipe to make it work. It works the same way with Social Media advertisements. Here are 4 spot-on hacks to make your Social Media ads dominate the competition!

  • Live Video and Podcasts

Podcasting or Live broadcasts are a great way to reach and create engagement with a new and a more responsive audience. Facebook and YouTube offer live streaming now and there are other social media platforms that offer the same service as well. Whether you have a script like a “Live” tonight show or have an interview-style question and answer with a professional podcaster, it will feel authentic and believable. It will have more personality to it, even if the audience knows what they’re watching is an ad (but they probably won’t know, right?).

The cost and time of preparing a live feed ad requires a lot, though. You’ll need to hire someone who can talk well in front of a camera or get really creative!

  • Use Video for Ads

Video ads can be very persuasive especially since these kinds of ads are visual. For example, Facebook has an autoplay feature on videos and also supports animated GIFs for both posts and comments. Business pages can now upload a video for their cover photo which widens reach even more. We are seeing video everywhere – start using it for your ads. STAT!

Video ads, if done correctly, can significantly lower your CPL (Cost Per Lead). Although, creating video ads can be a bit tricky, make sure the video is visual right away. Don’t rely on audio to relay the message for you.


While people appreciate a good sense of humor, they also appreciate realness. Put a joke or two in the mix but show your audience who you are. Act on camera as you would behind the camera.

Your audience needs to see you real and raw. Don’t force a joke. If being YOU isn’t humorous, be passionate, be kind – whatever it is, just be YOU! People buy from people they appreciate. They buy from people they know, like, and trust.

  • Give FREE Content for your Audience

Instead of just advertising directly to consumers to sell, provide them with free information and materials! It’s not a new concept but it’s something you’ll want to try out. Whatever kind of business you have, there is always something you will be able to offer than no one else can’t. Some businesses get a ton of eBook downloads on topics ranging from advertising to content creation.

If you’re not sure what content to give or where to start, you can always look at your company’s blog and social stats (you have a blog, right?). Check out what is trending more than others and build on that. You will always learn something new when you are looking back on data. Once you have your content, consider spending some money to market it. While the content you’re giving away is free, you are still providing value (hopefully) and your customers will start to trust you and your product or service. This is the best time to sit down and brainstorm your customers LTV (Long Term Value).

There you go! Hope you enjoyed it! If you have anything to add, please send me an email to or comment below!

Best of luck – go get it!!